Hearing Aid Repair

At Hearing Centers of Indiana, we offer professional hearing aid repair services to get you hearing your best again in the shortest time possible. Hearing aids are sensitive instruments that spend most of their time in the relatively inhospitable environments of our ears, so sometimes they need a little maintenance work to function as intended. Regular cleaning and proper care go a long way, but even the best-maintained hearing aids will likely need repair from time to time.

We offer repair for all the hearing aids we sell and even some that we don’t. We can perform repair work on most types and styles, and diagnose problems with most any hearing aids. We perform most repairs in house, to get you hearing clearly again in no time. In some cases, we may need to send your hearing aids off to the manufacturer. We’ll check them when they return to make sure they’re good as new again.

Any hearing aid repair we make starts with a thorough cleaning process and a check of all parts of your hearing aids. While hearing aid manufacturers are always trying to eliminate pathways for debris to get to the sensitive components inside a pair of hearing aids, the need for microphones and speakers to be exposed directly to the air means that there can never be a pair of hearing aids that is 100% impervious to earwax and contaminants in the air, at least not with currently available technology.

Earwax and debris always find their way into the nooks and crannies of a pair of hearing aids over time, and the first step to finding out why a set of hearing aids isn’t working properly is to remove all contaminants and check over the parts of the hearing aids once they’re clean. Oftentimes, it is a debris obstruction at the root of the malfunction, or a rusty microphone or speaker.

How Do I Know Whether My Hearing Aids Need Repair?

If your hearing aids aren’t working, you’re always welcome to bring them in. If you’re not sure whether you need help with them, be sure to look through your owner’s manual to see what maintenance steps or tips may be indicated there. If you feel comfortable performing wax filter changes yourself, this is often a good place to start.

If they are visibly damaged, you should definitely bring them in for hearing aid repair. Even a minor crack in the plastic can allow moisture and fine debris to get inside the unit and cause damage to the sensitive electronics there. If something feels loose that used to be tight, this is another good reason to bring them in. Remember that damage that may seem minor can lead to more catastrophic damage if it is left alone, so it’s best to make repairs as soon as you notice something is wrong, even if your hearing aids still seem to be working.

If you notice any change in the sound quality from your hearing aids, it’s best to bring them in right away. These problems can get worse, and it could be that repairing the problem now will prevent a more difficult repair down the road. Hearing aids bring so many improvements and new possibilities to our lives, and we get the most out of them when they’re working as intended. Take advantage of our repair services as soon as you notice that your hearing aids aren’t working their best, and we’ll make sure to get you hearing clearly again right away.

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