Going Digital with Your Hearing Aids

Going Digital with Your Hearing Aids

The world is going digital. Our smartphones easily connect to Bluetooth headphones and our TVs and sound systems all use digital technology. Hearing aid technology is catching up! Now digital hearing aids are the norm. This means you get amazing sound quality along with other great features that make it easier to hear.  

Analog Hearing Aids Vs. Digital Hearing Aids

Before digital hearing aids took the world by storm, most people used analog hearing aids. 

  • Analog hearing aids convert sound waves into electrical signals. Then it amplifies these signals, making them louder. Finally, the signals get sent to the receiver where they’re converted back into sound waves and played in your ear canal. These devices are great at amplifying sound, but the sound quality is less natural, and features are more standard.
  • Digital hearing aids, on the other hand, convert sound waves into numerical codes. This provides a lot of additional settings and features. For example, these devices can be programmed to match your exact hearing needs. Sounds that you can hear normally won’t be amplified, while sounds you have a hard time catching will get amplified the perfect amount. They can even be programmed to pay more attention to sounds coming from a certain direction or to amplify speech sounds more than background noise.

Personalized Sound

Digital hearing aids open up a whole new way of hearing. Sounds stay natural and balanced. You can also program what you hear, improving listening comfort, reducing background sound and feedback, and improving overall sound quality. 

Best of all, digital hearing aids are customizable. Based on your hearing needs and your listening preferences, you can amplify the sounds you’re trying to hear, and decrease the volume of sounds you don’t want to hear. You also have access to a huge range of advanced programs that you can activate with the touch of a button.

Smart Hearing Aids

Digital hearing aids are the world’s smartest hearing aids. They make your life a lot more convenient with connectivity features. One of our favorite features is being able to connect your devices to your phone. You’ll be able to control all your programs and settings discreetly from a smartphone app.

You’ll be able to:

  • Stream calls and another audio right to your hearing aids.
  • Adjust programs and settings, or change presets.
  • Control the volume for the left and right hearing aid separately.
  • Check your battery status.
  • Use the “find my hearing aids” feature if you can’t locate your devices.

Streaming Audio from Any Source

You can also use your digital hearing aids like wireless headphones. You’ll be able to stream audio from your phone, computer, iPad, or any other Bluetooth-enabled device right to your hearing aids. By turning on the Bluetooth setting, you can connect to these devices whether you’re relaxing at home, watching TV, commuting across town, or going for a walk in the park.

Recognizing Speech

Digital hearing aids also let you effortlessly hear speech. Hearing loss can make it very challenging to follow conversations. That’s because every single sound is important for helping us make sense of what’s been said. When we miss even some of these speech sounds, the words just don’t make sense. 

Digital hearing devices make it easier to focus on the sounds you want to hear while amplifying speech sounds and filtering out ambient noise. This means you’ll hear speech without straining to hear. Digital technology can reduce your listening effort and make it easy to follow conversations even in places with background noise. 

Hearing Aids for Your Health

These hearing aids can improve your health. Better hearing will help you build and maintain relationships, keep you social, and make it easy to stay active. You’ll feel safer driving and get back in touch with your community. Hearing clearly can be life-changing, improving your quality of life and your overall health and wellbeing. 

Find Out More

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